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The Parte Mia is delivered with a luxury jewelry box, containing your Parte Mia with the emblems and a pin. Please read the description below before you start wearing your Parte Mia.

Leave everything in the box or on the table while assembling your Parte Mia, the Parte Mia is fragile when dropped on a hard surface. Folow the instructions below for proper operation.

The silver of goldplated rotation mechanism has a minus (-) sign on one side. Place the heart with the minus facing up in the box. Place the neodimium magnet (flat golden disc) with the dot facing upwards in the heart. Now attach one of the emblems on the magnet in the heart. Carefully turn it over and place the other emblem on the other side of the magnet.

When chaning the emblems or turning it into the right position you can make us of the provided pin. In the edge of every emblem you will find a notch, place the pin in this notch and carefully remove the emblem, replace this emblem with any other emblem of your choice.

Please visit your jeweler for new emblems.